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SmashParks © 2018 


          For every $.005-$.01 received in revenue (total revenue from all sources which include games such as Smoggle Smash), SmashParks, Inc agrees to purchase, manage, and protect (in perpetuity) one inch of real-world property. The “Smash Parks” operated by SmashParks, Inc are managed with the goal of preserving the natural environment, protecting native fauna, and initiating programs that help educate the public in positive ways to care for our world. All programs will be centered around making a positive impact on the land and our world as a whole, and the use of the word “conservation” is strictly meant to illustrate SmashParks, Inc’s agreement to purchase, manage, and protect (to the best of its ability) each one of their parks in perpetuity. SmashParks, Inc agrees to give users of the game/app, Smoggle Smash limited voting rights that reflect their positive influence in the SmashParks initiative. SmashParks, Inc agrees to honor top overall players of their games, including Smoggle Smash, with naming rights and monuments within real-world Smash Parks. Such naming rights and monuments are meant to demonstrate in-game achievements and do not reflect a player’s personal ownership within SmashParks, Inc or their properties.