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More and more businesses are launching plans to reduce their plastic straw usage. 

  • Starbucks

  • Marriott

  • McDonalds UK

  • Bon Appétit

  • Alaska Air

  • Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom

  • Smithsonian Institute

Local businesses and cities are doing their part, too, for a greener, cleaner future. 

What's the big deal about plastic straws? 

  • Used for a short time frame but lasts forever as they never fully degrade

  • Not necessary unless needed for medical purposes

  • Estimated 170 to 390 million used in the U.S. daily*

  • Typically too lightweight to be recycled

  • Often end up in our oceans​​​

    • In Manly, Australia, a diver found 319 straws during a 20 minute dive. Revisiting the same area 24 hours later, she found 294 straws.*

    • Among the top ten items found during beach clean ups 

  • Ingested by seabirds and sea turtles​

  • Simple, easy way to reduce plastic

Is minimizing plastic straws enough? There are many other green measures that can be implemented. Many companies are taking the initiative to decrease other plastic usage. But we can go beyond reducing plastic. 

This is what makes SmashParks unique. And here is why you should opt for eco-friendly alternatives through SmashParks. 

Eco-friendly Alternatives

We help your business reduce* your usage of plastic straws by offering one or more of our greener alternatives. 

*Restaurants keep some plastic straws on hand for people that require a plastic straw for medical purposes.

Risk Free

Offer customers an alternative without having to pay anything. We take care of all upfront costs for straws, cleaning equipment, and signage. 

Customized Solutions

\We will find the solution that best fits your clientele. You can choose from a selection of stainless steel, hay, and paper straws.

Your Impact

Each straw symbolizes actual positive effects on the planet. Not only do you reduce harmful waste, you also directly save land in the process through SmashParks. This program doesn’t just halt the usage of many plastic straws, it strives to repair damage that has already been done.

That's right! You actually conserve land by partnering with SmashParks. 

For more information, e-mail us at smashparks@gmail.com or message on Facebook.

Request a pricing list.